Intellectual Property

Technology nowadays is a necessary tool for survival. It also helps people from not so well developed countries as they do not view it as a luxury items, it is the answer to improve their lives.

Our intellectual property group works in conjunction with Trade Marks Attorneys accredited by the Professional Standards Board for Patent and Trade marks Attorneys through organisations like Magnetu Trade Mark Specialists and universities.


It’s very common for children in our programs to have access to the internet anytime and anywhere. However, it’s important to stress that for the most part, they do not have computers and internet access at home, nor even have a smart phone in some cases. Some of them get access in some public places or somewhere in their community.

Internet cafés, where internet use can cost as little as pennies per minute on a public computer, are common in some countries. Many of our student centers have computer libraries with internet access for them to learn valuable vocational skills.


Cell phones are becoming a common thing in many developing countries because it can be quite cheap and still give people access to technology. This opens up many doors in health awareness, banking and economy, and overcomes language barriers.

By having a phone that for example has banking capabilities, people who don’t have a bank account or home address can easily access information with their phones. With this capability, the economy of that particular community will be able to grow and develop, as well as trade with other countries, with help of translators.

Many smart phones are also able to translate different languages and dialects, which makes it a lot easier for people to interact with different communities or people who speak in different languages.

Social Media

Social media helps bring access to any information to anyone who can see it. In developing countries, for people with little access to services can now obtain educational, mobile health and financial and any available services in ways that used to be impossible before the spread of mobile technology and social media. Social media provides real-time insight into the lives of people around the world.  As a result to its advantage, when major illnesses occur, any weather condition predictions, reported dangerous situations, social media are often the first to know.