Our Consulting

Afesi Plaos International Business Consulting does marketing plans and business plans for companies who are planning to expand in international markets. We do market research finding several markets that best meet the needs of your business strategy, current mix and culture. We also identify competition and understanding channels and pricing and we will guide you and your business in developing and implementing credit and collection policies.

International Product Sourcing

Afesi Plaos International Business Consulting plans for off-shoring products and manufacturing and we ensure to determine the best locations for sourcing based on competitiveness, markets, trade preferences and more. We will thoroughly identify potential partners and gives effective advice on decisions to invest directly and on how to structure agreements.

International Operations

Afesi Plaos International Business Consulting provides full advice and assistance on how to structure businesses to optimise worldwide operations and meaningful financial reporting systems for multi-national operations. We help identify and deal with local issues and managing other risks associated with international operations.

International Investments

We value our clients investments and ensures to look closely and plans a capital formation strategies and advice. We also help you prepare a step by step financial projection in any major currency.