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Afesi Plaos International Business Consulting is dedicated to providing efficient and professional services to small, medium, large businesses and organizations, private companies, governments to support their efforts and develop trade and investments. We are here to make measurable, tangible contributions to the expansion of our valued clients operations with high value added business support. We work with established brands and partners including Universities, agencies such as James Hammon & Co. who are expert digital marketers and government.

The international business consulting agencies helps in identifying problem areas and proposes ways to rectify the weaknesses businesses model. Another important aspect of an international business consulting agencies is to help the foreign country understand the new environment it is about to embark. Before entering any country it is very important to understand the countries systems and demographics. The international business consulting agencies conducts meetings with many business professionals; government officials etc of different countries and provide business and marketing strategies and advices. It is very important for an international business consulting agencies to have in-depth knowledge of business management skills, up to date foreign policies, political economic developments that may affect foreign businesses. Strong communication skills and a solid international network associates that provides accurate information about climate and markets in different countries.

A trusted and professional international business consulting agency should possess a strong leadership skills, adaptable to change and can suggest better ways to adapt to the new changes.


it comes to one name: Afesi Plaos